You are welcome to bring your own problem or idea, but below are some example problems you could expect at SCH 2019

How do we educate the public on the potential of stem cell research?

How can we address legislative challenges around stem cell research?How does the same type of cell give rise to fat cells, muscle cells, neurons, and bone cells?

How can we make stem cell biology more accessible to the public?

There are highly experimental clinics treating various diseases with stem cells, how can we ensure safe clinical practice in these sorts of places?

Researchers are able to make human organoids, tiny, self-organized 3D tissue cultures, derived from stem cells. What sort of diseases could a model like this be used to help cure?

Can we create a platform to share the same knowledge from specific clinical trials to different audiences (ex. Clinicians, potential patients, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions)?

The financial market of stem cell research and regenerative medicine is enormous, can we create a model to ensure a fair distribution of profits to research and development teams, hospitals, and people that experience adverse events?